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See Dog Tails Page for more information on Dam & Sire (includes pictures, pedigree, K9 data, OFA certs)


Current Litters

Millie (1)

Dam: Millie and Sire: Champion Floyd

Summer Fun Litters


  • % AKC Champion Sire Full American Golden Retriever Puppies
  • Born May 15th, 2022
  • AKC – OFA – two-year guarantee
  • Deposits being taken now - both girls and boys availabile
  • See Dog Tails Page for details on parents.
Dam: Kiss   Sire : McLean

Kiss Me Litter

Honey Gold to Auburn 100% American Golden Retriever


  • AKC – OFA – two-year guarantee
  • Deposits being taken now - 1 Boy still available
  • Puppies born May 10th, 2022
  • See Dog Tails Page for details on Parents

Grand Champion Litter - Salsa and Payton (or Arson)

Some Like It Hot Litter

  • Dam - Grand Champion Salsa Sire - Grand Champion Arson or Payton AKC – OFA – two-year guarantee
  • Deposits being taken now - unknown availability until after litter is born.
  • Puppies due fall 2022.
  • See Dog Tails Page for details on Parents

Summer 2022 Litters

Kiss – McLean Born May 10th, 2022 - 1 Boy Available

Floyd and Millie Born May 15th, 2022 - Both Boys and Girls Available

  • Millie is a sweet beautiful medium dark Golden girl. She is also one of our calmest and most obedient girls. Her mother was the most gentle and calm dog I have EVER met.  She is very sweet loving and rarely ever barks. She is an athletic girl -- weighing in at about 60-65 lbs.   She loves children and people. Fabulous temperament ... gets along great with all the other dogs and animals. This girl could have easily been a service dog ... If you are looking for a service animal ... one of her puppies might be a good option.
  • Floyd is my new Champion Stud.   YAY!!  Not only is he a champion … he is a sweetheart.   Really nice and gentle dog.   Calms very fast inside.   Out TWO GRAND champions - Salsa and Abe.   

Raven and Gaston Born May 5th, 2022 - 1 Girl Available

  • Raven – a beautiful English style girl from the Glen Shealag Kennels in France -- one of the best kennels in all of Europe! Raven is a 100% English style Golden Retriever with an amazing pedigree. She has an amazing head, good size and loves people. She weighs about 70 lbs. She has passed her OFA health clearances for Heart, Eyes, Hips and Elbows.
  • Gaston is my favorite boy of all time !! He is a champion … he made the cut in Nationals and beat the #3 dog in the nation … so he is gorgeous. He is an angel. Super easy and obedient when we go someplace. Calms quickly. Easy keeper … I have no problems with him in hotels, car, home, out in public, with other dogs … etc. Out of Ellie and Grand Champion Maxx.
  • Raven and Gaston have GORGEOUS ½ and ½ puppies!